Here you will get a full list of features of the software that will help you to do this. Many functions should only be used by advanced users, so before use, in order to clarify better technical support.

Legitbot Functions

Pickup features help you more quickly and accurately restore sight to the enemy. Our cheat there are many ways to customize and adjust to any type of pickup games.

Visual Functions

The visual features allow you to see the location of the enemy through the texture. There are many ways to customize your ESP so as to make it more noticeable.

Rage & HVH

That functions often used to play against other cheater. The use of this kind of functions means your awareness in this environment. If you are not good at it, read the Readme.

Anti-Aim Functions

Used in mode game against cheaters or HVH, for difficulty getting through your model adversay. Using these functions requires you to the estate of sufficient experience. Thoughtless use can lead to blockage.

Other Functions

In this list get function, which do not belong to a particular group, and can be used separately from each other. A description of all the groups you can see the following options.



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